Recently, Jon Cryer and Andrew McCarthy, who starred together in 'Pretty in Pink', patched up their old feud on 'The View' in a friendly way.

Cryer opened up about the tension between him and McCarthy during the making of the iconic movie, revealing a newfound understanding after reading McCarthy's memoir.

While chatting about his new show, "Extended Family," on 'The View', Cryer talked about his past clashes with McCarthy and how they eventually made amends.

Cryer acknowledged McCarthy's personal struggles, including alcoholism, which helped him understand their dynamics during the 'Pretty in Pink' days. 

Despite their characters' rivalry on screen, Cryer showed compassion towards McCarthy and stressed the importance of not jumping to conclusions about others. 

Cryer joked about McCarthy's signature hairstyle, which hasn't changed much since their '80s collaboration. 

Although he's patched things up with McCarthy, Cryer made it clear he's not keen on working with former co-star Charlie Sheen again, for personal reasons.

Cryer fondly remembered his role as Duckie in 'Pretty in Pink', recognizing its impact on his career and personal journey.

Reflecting on his own high school experiences, Cryer drew parallels between his adolescence and Duckie's character, highlighting the universal feeling of being an outsider.

Despite his varied acting projects, Cryer still values the lasting popularity of 'Pretty in Pink' and the timeless charm of his character, Duckie.